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Frequently Asked Questions:


A Spa is a haven of relaxation. A chance to get away from the stress of daily living. Therefore, everything in a spa is to provide you with a feeling of serenity, relaxation and pampering. Below are some tips on what to expect when visiting a Spa!


What you should expect every time is a clean, comfortable atmosphere with a competent, helpful and warm staff. If there is anything within your Spa experience that makes you uncomfortable at any time, just say so!

Arrival at the Spa:

Upon arrival at the Spa the receptionist will have you fill out a medical questionnaire to check for any contra-indications. You will be given a locker with a tote bag, robe, towel and your itinerary for the day. After changing in the locker rooms, you'll be asked to relax in the waiting area where your therapist will come to get you for your treatment.

Body Treatments:

For Mud wraps, Massages and Slimming Treatments.

For most body treatments, you will be given a Spa undergarment to wear as to protect your own. It is also perfectly acceptable to remain in your own undergarments or swimsuit. For water treatments a swimsuit is appropriate.

Most body treatments include nearly all the body. However, if there are areas that you prefer not to be treated, don't hesitate to tell your therapist before the treatment begins. Also inform your therapist of any injuries or conditions that you may have. The therapist will cover you with a towel, only exposing the area that he/she is treating at the time.

Do not hesitate to tell the therapist if you would like more/less pressure or if the room is too hot/too cold for you. The treatment is supposed to be relaxing so the environment should be one that makes you most at ease!


As with body treatments, you will be asked to change into a robe for your comfort. The therapist will put your hair back or cover it with a cloth wrap. The therapist will work on your face and most times will also work on your neck, decollate and shoulders as well.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I find the Spa?

The Spa is located within the Mövenpick Resort and Spa Dead Sea overlooking the Dead Sea shores to the right of the Summer Pool. Please ask for a layout map of the resort and Spa at the resort reception in the main building.

What do I wear/bring?

For your comfort, a robe is provided during your visit to the Spa. Swimwear and robes must be worn in all public areas. T-shirts and shorts cannot be worn in any of the pools.

May I bring my mobile phone?

Spas are relaxing environments with a quiet atmosphere. You may bring your phone, but kindly turn it off and leave it in your locker. Tell anyone you expect to be calling where you will be and we will be happy to take a message for you at Therapy Reception.

What are the restrictions at ZARA Spa?

Spa Entry is for ages 18 and above only. The Spa is a non-medical destination Spa and therefore cannot accommodate persons with certain medical conditions (such as psoriasis). A medical questionnaire is required to be filled in before Spa use to check for any contra-indications.

Is it okay if I indulge in a glass of wine?

Alcohol is served at the Spa Lounge and Spa infinity pool terrace. However, it should be remembered that alcohol should be consumed in moderation and never before a treatment.

When should I arrive and how long can I stay?

If you are having an individual treatment, please arrive a minimum of half an hour before your scheduled appointment. ZARA Spa Experience includes day use of all Spa facilities. You can spend from half an hour to all day relaxing and unwinding. There are early morning and evening tours on a daily basis. Please contact the Spa for more details.

What about smoking?

Though discouraged, smoking is permitted at the Spa Terrace. Smoking is not permitted at the Hydro-Pool.

Can I charge my treatments at the Spa to my room?

Yes, all Spa charges can either be paid directly at the Spa by cash or credit card or, if you are an in-house guest, they can be charged to your room.

What if I can't make my appointment?

A minimum of 24 hours notice is required should you need to cancel a booking. A cancellation charge of 50% will be incurred for cancellations within this period.

How do I maintain my Spa Program once I leave?

ZARA Spa therapists will be more than willing to provide you with a program of what to do after your initial stay at the Spa. Rivage Products and Thalgo products are available for purchase at ZARA Spa Shop.

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